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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to software questions asked by dealers, accountants, bookkeepers and other car lot software users. We will also post special support and download notes on this page. If you have additional questions please feel free to contact us at 330-726-9611 or email us at pcom@zoominternet.net


Do I have to pay for technical support?

No, your purchase includes a lifetime license, and support.


How can I get support?

Click the button at the top of this page, and watch the tutorials.

Use the help file in the BitBeater program.

Use the Manual located in the BitBeater\Manual folder (which can be printed).

Browse the BitBeater web site.

Email support and suggestions, contact us at . . . pcom@zoominternet.net 

Phone support is available by calling us.


What if i need forms changed or added in the future.

The optional "Pro Package/ Update" program, updates regularly throughout the year with additional features, improvements, new forms and form changes. If you have a special need, we're here to help. Just give us a call.

You'll get the Pro Package/Update program free for six months with your initial purchase.

After six months, the Pro Package/Update price is only $120.00 per year, and optional.


Can I run the program on multiple computers ?

Yes, our software is network ready. BitBeater supports up to 20 simultaneous users. We do not charge any additional fees for additional users however you must purchase another license if you want to use BitBeater for another location or business. Please contact us for special discounts on additional licenses.


Can I generate reports for my accountant?

We've had a number of accountants and bookkeepers purchase BitBeater car lot software and tell us that our software is exactly what they were looking for. If your accountant has any questions we suggest they download a demo copy or request a 30 day evaluation license. Click the "request 30 day license" at the top of the home page or call us at 330-726-3799 and ask for a BitBeater trial license.


Why should I buy BitBeater Car Lot Software?

In short... it's really good and easy to use. Long answer follows:

BitBeaterused car lot software solves many day-to-day used car dealer problems without costing an arm and a leg. BitBeater allows salesmen to spend more time selling and waste less time on paperwork. Many of our customers are car dealer bookkeepers responsible for car dealer records. BitBeater automates routine tasks saving back office record keepers, bookkeepers, salesmen and other employees time and reduces paperwork mistakes. Salesmen can quickly calculate payments or look up customer records, bookkeepers can see recent sales and check inventory and managers have extensive reports to measure how the business is doing. Download our free demo and try it out for yourself. 

BitBeater offers: 

Comprehensive Features
A Multi-User Version is included with all licenses
Our Software is Network Ready 
BitBeater is a robust program with many features and no annual fees. We do not require the purchase of
separate modules. Try our demo and take BitBeater for a test drive.

Compatible with all Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems


How do you calculate payments and what standards do you use ?

Interest calculations are simple interest and BitBeater has a safety feature to prevent compound interest calculations.

BitBeater's calculations are in compliance with the U.S. Rule and Federal Truth in Lending laws, mandated in all U.S. states. Calculations have also been approved by the State of Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner (OCCC). Not all car lot programs comply with these strict federal standards. Click here to see a copy of our approval letter.


Is BitBeater networkable?

Yes. In fact the standard version has network and multi-user features built in. No additional fees or license upgrades are necessary. The program supports up to 20 simultaneous users.


What are the computer requirements to run BitBeater?

Any Windows version 32 or 64 bit - Linux - Mac with Windows Partition
166 MHZ processor or greater.
64 MB of computer RAM
Display supporting at least 1024 x 768
Printer - Windows98 or better compatible, capable of at least 300 dpi - Okidata dot matrix printers.
Network hardware required for network operation


How can I get the BitBeater Demo?

The free BitBeater demo is available here at the BitBeater web site as well as numerous
software download sites. . . . Follow this link to download a copy.


How do I start the demo - what's the password for the demo?

After installation simply click on the BitBeater Icon. The demo password is "DEMO". Type demo into the start up screen when asked for your password.


What can I do with the BitBeater Demo?

The demo will provide you with a fully functional program complete with sample car lot data. The
only limitation is that after 15 days the license expires.

You can also contact us for a 30 day license which will allow you to enter your own information and actually use the software at your car lot for 30 days giving you a chance to test drive the software in a real world scenario. Just call or email us to request a 30 day license.


How can I buy BitBeater?

1) Call PCOM, Inc. Dial 330-726-9611 to place an order. . . . Click here for more detailed ordering information ! 

2) Send us an email with your contact information and we will get back to you . . . pcom@zoominternet.net 

Acceptable Payment Methods are:

1) Visa or Master Card
2) Check or Money Order.


How is the program delivered to me?

Installation files are downloaded from our site. We walk all new users through the installation
and setup with a personal phone call.


Can I become a BitBeater Dealer?

Yes, we are seeking a few national dealers and distributors. Please click here for details.


What else do you sell ?

We also sell a program for running a service business such as carpet cleaning, plumbing or any business that has crews and provides work at the customers location. Click here to go to our operations business crew scheduling and management software site.




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